Awesome Video Game Villains in your opinion

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Awesome Video Game Villains in your opinion

Post  VeneCorrupt on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:03 pm

Vile Mega Man X series I mean this guy dies and keeps coming back 10x fold more powerful and in the comic series ends Up ruling over all! Also Sephiroth, Bad Ass man with a fricken Bushido blade named MasaMune fricken mad beast, evil to the core trying to do things for his "mommy" a headless fricken horror. and Last but not least in my opinion Moogles i hate moogles they get on my damn nerves! So there evil for taking all the hot women away! well from u other ppl i gots a Hawt Hawt woman bwahaha *settles down* anywho Post who u think the best video game villains are trust me theres plenty out there

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